Support for our Veterans

Army Cap & Bronze Star on a US flag

For Heroic or Meritorious Service

  • Our veterans had our back. Now it is our turn to have theirs.
  • We need to provide better integration of health care services that aid our vets mind, body, and soul and do a better job of serving our women veterans.
  • When we train our service members to do a skilled job, such as aircraft maintenance or in computer network management, we should make sure they also earn recognized civilian certifications in those professions so they have an easier time finding work when they leave the service.

The United States has the best equipped and most expensive military in the world, but when our service members return to civilian life they often find our government is unwilling to keep promises made to them about health care, job training and other services in their post-service years. 20 US veterans commit suicide each day in America¹. We need to do a better job of thanking our veterans for the service they have provided our nation.

As your member of Congress I will work hard to make sure we provide our veterans the support they need, the support they were promised, and the support they deserve. I will work to set money aside up-front to pay for post-discharge services when new service members are hired instead of struggling to find the money after they leave, and demand measures that support overseas deployments include funding for disability pay, and both medical and mental health services for returning war veterans.

Our service members feel it is an honor to serve their country. We, the countrymen they defend, should accept it is part of our national honor to do likewise, and serve those who have served us.

Jaime Downer Vote GraphicOur Congresswoman puts veteran’s lives at risk

  • Twenty veterans take their lives each day; two-thirds of them use a gun¹.
  • Being found mentally incompetent or a threat to oneself or others is grounds for being added to the FBI’s firearms background check database.
  • Existing laws guarantee veterans must be informed of their right to a competency hearing before a judge before they can be found mentally incompetent. The Veterans Administration is required to pay all costs associated with holding these hearings, including the provision of an attorney to defend them, but many veterans decline this offer of a hearing.
  • Our Congresswoman voted “Yea” (yes) to prevent veterans who decline to defend their competency in a hearing from being added to the background check database, guaranteeing veterans in fragile mental health will continue to be able to purchase a gun. (HR 1181)

1) Veterans Administration, “VA Suicide Prevention Program, Facts about Veteran Suicide,” July 2016,

Photo Credit: Karen Barefoot, Memorial Day,