Peter Harrison & Mt St Helens | Candidate for Congress in SW Washington 3rd CD

I will protect Social Security and Medicare

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  • Social Security is not a government handout. It is paid for, in advance, by wage earners.
  • Let’s lift the Social Security contributions cap to improve and extend the program’s solvency.
  • Financial firms (like Wells Fargo) put their own financial interests first, not the interests of their clients or our nation’s seniors. I will resist efforts to privatize Social Security.

Social Security is not a government handout. It is a system workers pay into throughout their working lives, paying Social Security and Medicare as an insurance backstop that prevents them from falling into poverty when they retire. These programs protect our seniors should their retirement investments or pension funds disappear during a recession, due to mismanagement or as a result of corporate greed. They are an important part of our social safety net.

I will work to lift the Social Security contribution limit so all income earners pay their fair share into the Social Security and Medicare systems, protecting it for generations to come. I will fight efforts to weaken these programs through privatization, which trades the security they offer for placing profits in the pockets of investment brokers, scam artists, and political donors.

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