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Internet that goes where you want to go, not where your ISP wants to send you

  • Picture of a Blue Network CableI think Internet customers have a right to expect their Internet connection should be protected from interference from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), just as their telephones are.
  • Your telephone company is not allowed to re-direct or interfere with your phone calls, and they cannot track and sell your calling history. In 2017 rules and regulations that prevent these sorts of abuses were swept aside, allowing Internet Service Providers to do exactly these things.
  • I will work to reinstate Net Neutrality & Internet privacy rules that protect you when you are online.

The Internet is a vital and important tool that reaches into every part of our lives. Businesses depend on the Internet to connect their company to customers, suppliers, and online services that help their businesses run smoothly. At home we use the Internet to stream audio and video services, connect with friends, shop, access medical services, even do research into political candidates.

In other words, Internet access has become as important as telephone service. It is vitally important we make sure Internet Service Providers (ISPs) we use to access the Internet cannot pick and choose which websites and services we connect to or change how well our connection functions when we access different content. It should function just like the telephone services we are familiar with, connecting us to other telephone customers regardless of who we are calling.

The Internet has not always worked that way. In the early years of the Obama administration Internet customers experienced a series of incidents where ISPs blocked or degraded their Internet connections because their ISP had a financial interest in their customers using competing services. Verizon, for example, blocked customers from accessing Google Wallet because they had their own, preferred online payment service¹. Comcast deliberately slowed their customer’s Netflix video streams because they had special financial arrangements with competing streaming services.

That is why the Federal Communication Commission implemented “Net Neutrality” rules to ban these and other underhanded tactics. Now the Trump Administration, Congress, and our own Congresswoman are working to dismantle these regulations³ as well as regulations that prevent your ISP from tracking your browsing history and selling it to others. For Internet users this is a “nightmare” scenario that will hurt consumers and stifle innovation.

Internet access is too important to our economy and personal freedoms to allow ISPs to control how we use it. As your Congressman I will support Net Neutrality and Internet privacy regulations and work to get these protections enacted into law so they cannot easily be changed whenever our country’s leadership shifts directions.


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Our Congresswoman does not support Net Neutrality.




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