Peter Harrison & Mt St Helens | Candidate for Congress in SW Washington 3rd CD

Our children deserve infrastructure that works as well as the infrastructure our parents built for us

Bridge Collapse; The I-35 Minneapolis Bridge Collapse¹

August 2007 I-35 Mississippi Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

  • Much of our nation’s infrastructure, from water and sewer lines to our roads and bridges, is 50 or 100 years old.
  • In many places our transportation infrastructure has fallen far behind demand, causing traffic jams and bottle necks that hurt our economy.
  • Some of it badly needs repair. Other parts need replacement. In some places we just need to build more to meet demand.

Our transportation, communication, and municipal infrastructure have not kept up with our changing times and needs. We need to get back to planning for the long-term by maintaining the infrastructure we have, replacing infrastructure that no longer meets our needs, and making wise investments in new infrastructure to ensure every American, both today and tomorrow, has access to the tools to support a modern, healthy, productive society.

Infrastructure for a bright future : I will work to make sure our land, air, and water transportation networks, as well as the wires and power plants that provide electricity, are all up to the task of supporting job growth and the needs of a growing economy. Today’s modern infrastructure needs also include access to affordable, high-speed Internet services that respect user’s rights to privacy. And, finally, we must guarantee our buried municipal and privately owned infrastructure, which carries drinking water, oil, and gas, as well as our municipal sewer systems support healthy communities, healthy people and a healthy environment.


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 Photo Credit: Kevin Rofidal, United States Coast Guard,