Immigration: America can have a heart and secure our borders

  • Graphic of People In A Line Leading To A DeskI support secure borders, not a 2000+ mile long border wall.
  • When someone becomes part of the fabric of our community, we need to be our brother’s keeper.
  • I support a path to legal status and citizenship for honorable people who work and live among us.

I support a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants who have lived in the US for five years, paid taxes, and not otherwise run afoul of the law. I particularly support the right of immigrants who came to the US with their families when they were young. It does damage to our communities and our businesses when we deport long-term community members.

As a naturalized American Citizen myself, I oppose overly aggressive enforcement of immigration laws because they inevitably lead to unanticipated, serious errors that violate the rights of citizens and legal residents. This is exactly what happened on March 27, 2017 in Chicago when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers raided the home of Felix Torres, Sr.

Felix Torres, Sr., an unarmed legal resident, was shot during the raid. The target of the raid, Felix Torres, Jr., son of Torres Sr., is a U.S. citizen not subject to deportation by ICE. He likely came to the attention of ICE because of his Spanish surname following a traffic stop. Both father and son were arrested and released after hours of interrogation relating to their immigration status.

We should wary of aggressive, overbearing, and politically-motivated law enforcement because it always has consequences that adversely affect the freedoms guaranteed to us under the Constitution.

Jaime Downer Vote Graphic
Our Congresswoman does not support immigration reform

  • She voted “Aye” (yes) to withhold Federal funding from “Sanctuary” states and cities. (HR 3009)
  • She voted in favor of deporting DREAMers, young people who arrived in the US without documentation when they were children and grew up here. (HR 5759)
  • Our Congresswoman cannot see past the “immigrant” status label to see the worth of the individual. She has never sponsored a private bill, as many other Members of Congress have, preventing the deportation of any individual for any reason, not even Dreamers who arrived here with their families as children.

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Photo Credit: Sigurd Decroos, Queue Line,