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We should get our money’s worth from Healthcare

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  • Health care should be patients first and profits second, not the other way around. It is time we got our money’s worth.
  • I believe healthcare should be about patients, not paperwork. Let’s simplify our medical bills & reduce the paperwork insurance companies impose on health care professionals.
  • I support moving to a Medicare-for-All health care system.

Our health care system should put patients before profit, not the other way around. Even though we spend 50% more per-person than countries with top-ten health care systems — $3000 to $4500 more per person, wasting over a trillion dollars a year nation-wide — the quality of our health care is poor. The United States has Health-Adjusted Life Expectancies that rank us somewhere in the mid-thirties internationally², right behind Cuba. Americans are not getting their money’s worth; we are getting ripped off.

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I think Americans ought to get their money’s worth out of health care, don’t you?

It is time we learned from the success of top-ten health care systems that cost less and deliver better results. We can start by updating and reforming our archaic generic drug and medical device licensing and patent rules, negotiating drug and medical device prices, and getting rid of laws, regulations, and insurance company billing practices that add expensive and unnecessary administrative overhead that bury healthcare professionals and patients in never-ending mountains of paperwork¹.

I support expanding our Medicare system to make it available to all Americans by lowering the age at which people qualify for Medicare, opening it up to children, and gradually expanding the list of health issues Medicare covers regardless of age. (Currently only patients with kidney disease are eligible to enroll in Medicare at any age.) A good first step is to make Medicare available as a paid “public option” on our nation’s health insurance exchanges, which would allow Americans to choose which health care option best meets their needs.

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Moving to a Medicare-for-All system will allow us to create a standard format for health provider paperwork, simplify billing, and provide a means to negotiate drug and medical device prices, improve our country’s quality of care and, most of all, make sure America gets its money’s worth from our health care dollars.

Jaime Downer Vote Graphic
Our Congresswoman does not support quality healthcare services.

  • She voted “Aye” (yes) to repeal and not replace the Affordable Care Act on multiple occasions. (HR3762, HR45, HR2)
  • She voted to defund school-based health centers. (HR1214)
  • She voted to defund women’s health services. (HA95, HR3134, HR2)


Women should be masters of their own destiny
I will protect Social Security and Medicare
Saving Rural Hospitals, Helping Our Rural Economy

Other comments:
In 1980 our patchwork insurance company rules & paperwork drove the cost of heath care up $375 billion a year in the US. Today’s insurance rules are even more complex. We’re moving in the wrong direction!

US doctors are moving to Canada where patients come before paperwork:

1) US doctors spend 2/3 of their time on paperwork . . . More than twice as much of their time as in other countries with top-10: Lee, B, Forbes Magazine, Doctors Wasting Over Two-Thirds Of Their Time Doing Paperwork, Sept 7 2016,
2)  Wikipedia, “List of countries by life expectancy,”

3) Bloomberg, U.S. Health-Care System Ranks as One of the Least-Efficient,  Sep 28 2016,

Source Relman, Arnold, New England Journal of Medicine, Coct 23 1980,
Photo Credit: Stethoscope by Lotus Head,