Peter Harrison & Mt St Helens | Candidate for Congress in SW Washington 3rd CD

Model-T bridges do not support a 21st-century economy.

  • Postcard of Interstate Bridge in 1920Only one of the bridges crossing the Columbia to Oregon from Southwest Washington is less than 50 years old.
  • Civil engineers have warned us the useful life of a bridge is 50-75 years.
  • The economy of Southwest Washington depends on these bridges. We cannot wait until they fall down to replace them.

The Interstate and Hood River bridges were built when when you could buy a new Model-T off the lot ¹, in 1917 and 1923. Both bridges had expected useful lives of 50 years, 75 tops, both are about 100 years old and both are considered “functionally obsolete.” Neither are keeping up with the needs of our regional economy. That hurts jobs, that hurts businesses, that hurts all of us.

Replacing these bridges will create jobs today and support economic and job growth throughout Southwest Washington for decades to come. More importantly, not replacing them will hurt our regional economy and kill jobs. I will work to secure funding to replace these Model-T era bridges and to expand our region’s transportation infrastructure to handle the needs of a growing, 21st century economy.


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