Accountability begins with Accessibility

Let's talk about it. Meet me for coffee! Meeting people and learning about their concerns is part of what I do.Peter believes part of being accountable to the public means being accessible. Accessible, so you can express your concerns about issues, ask questions and have opportunities to measure the metal of your elected officials and candidates.

Peter practices what he preaches. Once a week he welcomes people to join him for coffee so you can voice your concerns, ask questions, and drink coffee. (It’s his favorite drink, you know!)

Currently Peter doesn’t have a set time and place for his weekly coffee, but it’s easy to set up a meeting. Just use the Contact page to send him an email. Please suggest a coffee shop you like (Peter’s favorite time and place are at Boomerang Coffee on Main Street in Vancouver from 3-4pm) and a couple of times that would work for you, and Peter will get back to you.